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Milestone achievement for streetwise students

Students enrolled on the Bridge to Engagement and Bridge to Independence courses at the College of West Anglia are celebrating a new found travel independence, thanks to the implementation of a specially designed road safety training scheme.

Travel Independence Training Across the Nation (TITAN) is a scheme overseen by Norfolk County Council, designed to assist students who have difficulty with pedestrian skills, which also causes them problems with regards to using public transport.

The College of West Anglia has been training students using TITAN for many years now, to enable learners to be proficient in independent travel skills. This year, students have been embarking on specially planned journeys around King’s Lynn and Wisbech. Journeys are taken with Learning Support Officer guidance and are designed to expose young people to potential hazards in order to teach them road awareness in a safe, monitored environment.

TITAN’s Red, Amber and Green programme supports students to develop valuable and potentially life changing skills. The programme starts with pedestrian safety skills and moves onto independent travel, which is broken down into small tasks covering the skills and abilities required to do this safely and confidently. All students are carefully assessed to ensure that they start their TITAN training at the correct level.

College of West Anglia’s skills tutor Sarah Middup has been thoroughly impressed with her learners’ attitude to the course and said: “It is really important that we are able to teach students these vital life skills. It gives them increased independence and social awareness. I am proud of them all for their achievements and anticipate many more from our cohort to pass the test later this year.”

In King’s Lynn this year, four students have so far passed their red assessment, with a further five about to embark on the green assessment. An additional seven students will be partaking on the course later this year. In Wisbech, eight students will be completing phase one (the white stage) in the coming days with five more taking on the red assessment.

Adam Curtis, TITAN – Programme Manager for Children’s Services / Adult Social Services at Norfolk County Council, said: “The ability to travel independently can really open up society to our students who may have been unable to access many important opportunities including work and social activities. Successfully completing a TITAN stage is an outstanding achievement for our students that they should be very proud of.

“We are very much looking forward to the next batch of tests within the College of West Anglia where we are confident that the students undergoing these assessments will, as usual, be a real credit to themselves and their college.”



BRIDGE COURSES: Courses within this area help develop independent living skills. Build confidence in managing things for yourself, managing your money, cooking for yourself and travelling independently. These courses develop essential personal, social and practical skills and will help build self-esteem and confidence.

CWA offers the following courses as part of the Bridge to Independence:

Promoting Independence (King’s Lynn)
Finding Independence (King’s Lynn and Wisbech)
Developing Independence (King’s Lynn and Wisbech)
Becoming Independent (King’s Lynn and Wisbech)
Moving onto Independence (King’s Lynn and Wisbech)
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