The College of West Anglia

Challenge Day 2018

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Our uniformed and public services students recently went head-to-head during the programme’s annual Challenge Day.

Learners from both King’s Lynn and Wisbech competed with a view to prove themselves the best team during a day of physical trials. They had to participate in a tug of war, gun run and assault course race at the college’s purpose built training facility.  Members from the Wisbech Fire Service hosted the endurance portion of the challenge, with teams having to simulate a casualty rescue during a time and distance event.

In addition to the presence of the Fire Service, representatives of the Royal Air Force Regiment were in attendance. They presented a Dismounted Close Combat Infantry Trainer (DCCT) in the form of a laser range, which is used by British soldiers to hone their small arms skills on a virtual battlefield simulator.

This year, it was the Wisbech campus second year Level 3 students who took the Challenge Day Trophy. Programme manager Lee Mallott said: “This was an excellent day for learners to compete in a range of grueling competitions under the eyes of the armed and emergency services. All the groups that took part in the various challenges quite clearly gave 100% effort. We celebrated not only the day’s events, but achievements from the entire year, including the success of raising over £2000 for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.”