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Hair and Media Make-up Students Collaborate with Creative Arts East

Creative Arts East are unveiling an exciting new theatre production as part of the Alive leisure ‘Take on me’ 80’s themed project.

‘Take on me’ will collaborate with the highly acclaimed Dante or Die theatre company that are well-known for their unique set production locations, anywhere from skate parks to storage buildings.

The performances will feature ‘home-grown’ stars and auditions are under way to spot the latest local talent within the coming weeks in several workshops at Olive Oasis Hunstanton – no experience needed.

It’s really a chance to “have some fun and get involved with the community,” says Zoe Fletcher of Creative Arts East.

Hair and media make-up level 2  students from the college will be working on the production.


Creative Arts East who are working with Dante or Die Theatre Company on Take On Me at Alive Oasis Hunstanton, our picture shows Actress Fiona Watson (centre) with hair and media make-up students from the college, who will be working on the production.

It’s really a chance to “have some fun and get involved with the community,” says Zoe Fletcher of Creative Arts East.

There are still some roles to fill, Zoe added.

She said: “We are looking for two people from the local community, one man and one woman of any age over 16 who have some performing experience (amateur and non-professional experience very welcome!) and are interested in performing in the following roles:


  • A woman of any age from 16 to 70. The centre receptionist; the first face that most people see. She is very chatty and a bit ditsy. She has a crush on the centre lifeguard, Chris, who doesn’t seem that interested in her. Debs has quite a few lines, and starts and finishes many scenes.


  • A man in his mid 20s to mid 40s. He goes to the gym regularly but isn’t necessarily toned or super fit. He is a friendly, chatty guy who feels comfortable with who he is. He regularly takes part in fitness classes and loves listening to music and going out to concerts. Quite a few lines across 2 scenes

“We are also looking for five people of any age (16+) or gender from the local community, who are interested in performing in the following roles:

“Patricks Ensemble:

  • Play the ghost of the main character’s dead husband (Patrick) but can be male or female. Have several movement sequences including one set in the gym, so need to be comfortable moving. Dance experience welcome but not required. Jump into the pool in the finale so need to be confident swimmers. No speaking lines. No performance experience required!”

For full details please visit or contact Debbie Sands on or 07554 788190.

The performances take place at the Alive Oasis from November 23 to 25.

Dante or Die are working at Alive Oasis Leisure Centre in Hunstanton from November 20 to 23 and rehearsals will take place at various times during this week.

The times will be flexible and can work around commitments.