The College of West Anglia

iCWA – iCan Because iCWA

We develop work-ready people at the College of West Anglia

The College of West Anglia is committed to giving our students the skills and experiences they need to be work-ready. We recognise that young people face the most significant employment challenge for the last 20 years and their journey starts with the skills, attitudes and direction necessary for work.


be entrepreneurial

be motivated

be creative

be hard-working

be resilient

learn new skills quickly

communicate effectively


be a team player

be confident

be well mannered

be adaptable

have good time management

…because iCWA


Adrian Flux


At Adrian Flux we are fully supportive of the drive of the College of West Anglia to support its students in becoming equipped with the key skills that employers are looking for.  For the past 40 years Adrian Flux insurance services have been providing cost effective motor vehicle insurance and have more recently introduced specialist departments to provide services dedicated to the needs of our clients. Many of our roles require skills that underpin a complete customer care package, skills such as maths and English as well as the ability to demonstrate flexibility, commitment, creativity, problem solving and the mind-set to work with others to achieve team goals. As the largest local private employer we are delighted to be helping the focus for young people to meet these key employability requirements and fully endorse the iCWA concept and expectations.

Robert Balls
General Sales Manager & Specialist Motorcycle Underwriting

Your Local Paper


As a former student of the College, I know first-hand just how good the facilities are and how well the students are taught.

Preparation for the outside world ready to go on in to employment is absolutely essential for all young people as it gives them the edge over other applicants when applying for jobs. Maths and English as well as the softer skills are vitally important to secure and sustain employment.

At Your Local Paper, we look for all of the skills and ethics the college teach when looking to fill a vacancy and would always been keen to interview somebody who has studied at the College of West Anglia as we recognise the way in which applicants will have been educated.

I would congratulate the college for its consistency in helping prepare young people and fully endorse the iCWA development for all.

Alan Taylor
Managing Director

The Skills Network

At The Skills Network, we recognise the importance of getting students job ready. This goes far beyond just teaching employment skills, but extends into a range of life skills, including Maths and English.

It is also critical to use methods that will inspire students and absorb every element of what they are being taught.

Working with CWA closely, we can see how they use modern methods and e-learning to ensure their students have the tools they need to become successful in the job market.

Based on the innovative methods and materials they use, any organisation would have to seriously consider applications from CWA.

James Earl
Director, The Skills Network

Affinage Salon Professional


Affinage Salon Professional have proudly been associated with College of West Anglia for many years. We have seen the College evolve and the students grow and learn in many areas. Affinage aims to share the very best knowledge of their professional products and as a worldwide manufacturer we fully support and encourage the way forward in achieving the very best standard in the work with iCWA. Maths and English are life key skills, we encourage and support the way forward in these areas. An understanding of ratios and measurement is vital to the hairdressing student when mixing and applying chemical products. A good command of English ensures instructions are read and adhered too, thus obtaining the very best results in hair colouring, perming and bleaching.

Affinage Salon Professional is fully supportive of the College of West Anglia’s drive to help the students meet the required standards through the iCWA concept.

Ann Moon

Anglian Water

Anglian Water, in conjunction with its alliance partners, works in collaboration with the college and supports programmes which provide skills and knowledge to meet our future business needs. Our business demands both technical skills and wider ranging skills which focus on excellent customer service. We want our employees to be flexible, committed, problem solving and real team players who embrace our “love every drop” strategy.

The college recognises that it is more than just basic technical skills which our company needs. The curriculum offered by study programmes and the iCWA experience builds these broader skills and develops students who can see the comprehensive picture of business needs and customer service.
We want employees with good English and maths skills, a wide understanding of the world they live and work in, and a healthy and motivated outlook.

The college helps to cultivate these skills and, as a result, students are ready to move in to employment when they have completed their study programmes.