The College of West Anglia

European project

The Comenius project was initially instigated as a means to develop teaching and learning skills and experiences within a wider framework. The scheme has developed into a European funded project involving staff and students from all the colleges listed below.

Following the success of the first project, we have now progressed in application discussions with a further seven potential partners. This will create a second European project application involving countries including Spain, Turkey and Romania and will focus on electrical safety, first aid and hazard prevention and will result in Europass documentation which is recognised in 27 countries.

Partner Colleges

AFORP Centre

The AFORP centre on the outskirts of Paris, France was created in 1961 by the GIM to meet the training needs of industrial enterprises in the Ile de France.

ROC Friese Poort

The Friese Poort Regional Training Center in the Netherlands employs over 1300 people and provides training and education to over 12000 students.

Lycee Le Corbusier

The Lycee le Corbusier in Strasbourg, France currently has over 2000 students. This project is an opportunity for their students to experience the culture and technical approaches of the participating countries and to broaden their awareness and understanding of the European Union.

Heinrich Hertz Europakolleg

Heinrich Hertz Berufskolleg is a large vocational college situated in Bonn, Germany. Apart from their international project work they offer their students internships in European countries, three foreign languages and bilingual courses. This effort has recently led to certification as an Europaschule.