The College of West Anglia

Do you have the potential to start your own business or work with others for a large company within the UK's largest employment sector? Have you got what it takes to manage other people, or to market products? Perhaps company law appeals to you, or developing your place in the retail sector. Would you like to be responsible for a company’s human resources department or purchasing for a large business?

Our courses will give you an insight in to current and future business activity from both a theoretical and practical perspective. You will be investigating topics such as accounting, customer service, e-business, international business, recruitment, retail services and merchandising.

In the UK, over 120,000 people work in the travel and tourism sector and this is only set to increase. There are some fantastic career prospects both at home and abroad, as well as opportunities within airlines. Perhaps you've always dreamt of being cabin crew? A travel agent? Or even a holiday rep. These courses are for students seeking a career in the worldwide travel and tourism industries.

Success Story

Den Savicki

Access to Higher Education Diploma: Business

Den studied the Access to Business course after successfully completing level 1 business & level 2 business at CWA.

Den said: “I really enjoy studying at CWA, I have learned a lot of new things that will help me in the future. When I was 11 years old I told my mum my dream was to study at an English university; studying at CWA has helped me to achieve this dream. I would recommend studying at college to anyone; as long as you are prepared to work hard you will have success and open up lots of doors for the future!”

Den is now studying a degree at the University of Manchester.


Charlie Harding

Travel and Tourism - Level 3

Charlie studied travel & tourism at the College of West Anglia (CWA) and now works as cabin crew for easyJet. Her ambition is to join the Amy Johnson Flying Initiative, a scheme fully funded by easyJet to encourage more ladies to become pilots.

Charlie said: "I completed 2 years of sixth form but never wanted to study at university and at the time I couldn't find a job within the travel & tourism industry. I decided to join CWA and alongside travel and tourism, completed a cabin crew course. I passed this course and have been interested ever since. I really enjoyed what the college and course had to offer, I loved learning about different countries, cultures and travelling in general. The teachers - Nicola, Stacey and Mary - were incredible; I wouldn’t have got to where I am today without their help. I love working for easyJet and the fact they encourage me to progress my career. I speak fluent Spanish and on a recent flight I translated the pilot’s tannoy announcement from English in to Spanish. He contacted the easyJet main manager in Luton and said how impressed he was with me and that I was a credit to the company, this made me feel amazing."