The College of West Anglia

Career Coach

If you’re not sure what you want to do next, don’t worry - we know making decisions about your future can be intimidating and we want to help.

Career Coach is an online package full of information about careers in our area, with example wages and much more as well as information on what courses you need to study at college in order to reach that career goal. If you're completely unsure, there's a quick 6-question test to help match a career to your personality type.

You can discover:

  • Specific job roles, linked to the sector you’re interested in
  • Potential earnings for the dream job and career you want to pursue
  • Current job opportunities in our region in your chosen industry, and the amount of people working in that sector
  • CWA courses that can help you land your dream job

Career Coach is really easy to use and very simple to understand. You never know, you might just uncover roles you’d never even considered before!

Are you a school teacher careers adviser?

If you’re a school teacher, you might have some pupils who don’t yet know what they want to do after completing secondary education. Others that you teach might have a vague idea of their potential career, but don’t yet know about the required steps needed to get there.

Whatever the situation, we can help. Career Coach has been specifically created to help learners understand, appreciate and plan for their future job.

All your students need to do is answer some quick questions about their interests. They’ll then receive a customised list of career suggestions based on their answers and personality type.

It’s also possible to:

  • Browse jobs and uncover relevant data on wages, employment and training
  • Discover specific roles in our region

View our full strategy for careers advice and guidance here.