The College of West Anglia

Information for Parents and Carers

We are delighted that your son/daughter has chosen to study with us. We will endeavour to ensure that their time is spent well so that they can reach their full potential and their career aspirations.

Our aim is to provide you with key information which we think will help you to support your son/daughter’s time whilst at college. We regard ourselves as working in partnership with you, so please do let us know if there are any concerns, comments or compliments that you want to share with us.

How you can support your son/daughter

  • Please encourage 100% attendance. There is a college target for all students of 95% and above for all aspects of their programme and we have limited scope for authorisation of absence.
  • Avoid holidays during term time
  • Report your son/daughter’s absence in accordance with their areas expectations. Each area will communicate the best approach to notification.
  • Show an interest in their studies- access their PDP and LEARN. You do have the opportunity for access but your son/daughter needs to approve this with us.
  • Make contact with their Course Director if there are concerns. We would want to know sooner rather so that we can sort any issues.

You can track their progress

For parents of students who are under the age of 18 you can ask your son/daughter to provide you with access to their PDP. The PDP will provide you with up to date information on your son/daughters progress throughout the academic year. You will be able to access their attendance report, details of meetings that have been held and also view how they are progressing on their study programme (more details of study programme can be seen below). The college has recently released a new app for both android and ios mobile technology where they can access their courses and their Personal Development Portfolio on line.

Study programme

Whilst your son/daughter is with us at CWA we will not only focus our attention on their main qualification, there are other components that make up their individualised study programme/timetable. (You can also access their timetable on their PDP) It is important to note that their timetable may not be exactly the same as everyone else on the course as it is individualised for each student.

Although your son/daughter may only attend college for 3 days a week, the course is still regarded as being fulltime and so their study days should be regarded as just that…….study days!

What you can expect as a minimum


Units of study which link to the area of study that interests them, either A levels or Vocational


Students (under the age of 19) who have not achieved a grade 4 in either English or maths will have to attend English and or maths depending on their grade. This is NOT optional if they have not achieved the minimum grade.


All students under the age of 19 will be expected to complete a period of work experience. The number of hours required is depended upon the course that they are studying on. If they are not sure of how many hours they need to complete, they should discuss this with their Course Director, Work Placement & Careers Coordinator or their Progress Coach.

Work placement helps to enhance the student’s employability skills and enables them to become more work ready. It provides students with real work life experiences, which can also help them to either confirm that they are on the right course of study or perhaps may want to consider their options.


All students have at least one hour (many have 2) of tutorial on their timetable. This is a mandatory part of their study programme and they are expected to attend these sessions as they do all other sessions. During the tutorial process the students will meet with their Course Director and/or Progress Coach/Personal Tutor at least once each half term (as a minimum) whereby their progress is reviewed and concerns can be raised. It is important for the student to ensure they attend their review so that regular monitoring of progress can be made.

Also during the tutorial session when the students are not having a one to one with their teaching team they are expected to be completing personal study. The tutorial programme covers key Personal Development and Behaviour and Well Being (PDBW) elements, for example safeguarding, including being safe online, PREVENT and mental health awareness.


All students have access to our Learning Resource Centres (LRC’S) whereby they can come to study quietly. As well as many actual books we also have access to many more online books. There are plenty of available resources to support student learning. Many students have an identified expectation of time in a year that they should spend in the LRC. We typically stipulate this as an hour per week but that is very much the minimum and we encourage more time to be spent both before, during (in between their timetabled slots) and where possible after the college lessons formally finish.


All students have access to impartial careers advice and guidance (Please see Careers area) If they require support in preparing for their next steps please encourage them to arrange an appointment with a Learning Resource Specialist to discuss their options and consider their opportunities.