The College of West Anglia


The College of West Anglia has an established reputation for providing outstanding training to businesses, working with hundreds of employers each year to offer apprenticeships and training.

CWA Training

Our CWA Training department offers bespoke training options, as well as essentials such as first aid and health and safety courses, alongside specialist training.

Anglia Training Centre

CWA is also home to the Anglia Training Centre, providing gas and unvented training to engineers across the area.


Apprenticeships are an established way to grow your business, injecting fresh talent into your organisation. Find out more about how an apprenticeship can boost your business with our employers FAQ or view full details about our apprenticeships.

Work experience

Work experience is a crucial part of our full-time courses, giving students real-life opportunities to practice what they have learned during their studies, before they achieve their qualification, making them work-ready.

We work with hundreds of employers across the region; see a selection of some of the employers we work with in the landbased sector (agriculture, animal management, equine studies and veterinary nursing) here and for more information about taking on students for work experience, please call us on 01553 761144.