The College of West Anglia

Training Factory

The training factory at CWA creates the perfect ‘downtime’ location for a wide range of electrical and mechanical training tasks. Part of a multi-million pound investment in engineering technology at the College of West Anglia, King’s Lynn. The reality is a dedicated facility which includes production plant with the sole function of providing ‘real’ learning and skills training. With capability to provide hands on training and assessment for line operators, single and multi-skilled engineers, in both mechanical and electrical principles, the reality is here – availability now.

The reality of our factory;
· ‘Downtime’ is king. Time is valuable, not expensive
· Machine principles are understood
· Maintenance skills are developed
· Faults are identified, causes analysed
· Fluid power works
· PLCs are programmed and re-programmed
· The robot waits for fresh instructions

A factory where the only thing missing is production pressure, such a unique place exists… and it exists for you in Norfolk.

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