The College of West Anglia

Training Factory – Area 1

Area 1 was originally controlled by a Modicon PLC, which for some reason unknown at the time had ceased to function.

The attempt to repair this PLC fault created a number of technical problems:

• Finding a copy of the Modicon software

• Finding a laptop capable of running the old software

• Find a copy of the Area 1 programme.

Amazingly for such an old item of equipment, we managed to find all of the above, however the problem was a little more than programme adjustments would fix.

On reflection, it became clear that the use of this Area of the factory could be improved by taking a more standardised approach to our PLC Hardware. As we have a bespoke suite of Mitsubishi powered PLC training rigs, it made perfect sense for our factory PLCs to follow this format.

This change would bring the following benefits:

• Standardise our PLC range

• Remove legacy software issues

• Provide an Area of the factory where students can upload functional programme (in a controlled manner)

Upgrade outcome

In January 2014 a Mitsubishi FX2N PLC was installed


As installed FX2N PLC – Area 1