The College of West Anglia

Agriculture and Horticulture

Are you looking for practical, hands-on, skills based career involving working out in the elements? Have you got views on sustainable agricultural management? Our concern with the environment has meant a growing interest in where our food comes from and how we farm. As a result, there are a number of interesting career options for young people. If you have a love for all things agricultural, think about turning it into a satisfying and worthwhile career.

Success Story

James Valentine

Extended Diploma in Agriculture

James Valentine is in his second year of an Extended Diploma in Agriculture and has a keen interest in farming.

“I applied to the College of West Anglia because it has some great facilities and it is a local college offering agricultural studies. I had an interest in agriculture from when my grandfather worked on a farm and although I don’t live on a farm I decided it was the career path for me, so I applied to the college to gain skills and a qualification. Since being at college I have met many likeminded people and made some great friends. I have improved my tractor driving skills and learnt a lot about livestock husbandry. I also went on a college trip to Suffolk Show for three days where we took some commercial pigs. I really enjoyed showing them, especially when they won first prize! When I finish my course I would like to continue to university to study a degree in agriculture and eventually become a farm manager.”