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Cambridge Vaulting Club

Vaulting is best described as a combination of gymnastics & dance on horseback and is suitable for all ages and abilities. It is a great way to improve fitness, strength, coordination and balance. New members do not need to have ridden a horse before but an interest in gymnastics, dance or martial arts is advantageous.

Cambridge Vaulting Club is successful, fun and competitive. In 2015, the team competed at both the English and British Vaulting Championships on our own horse, Sandie, gaining four Champion titles as well as many other placings.

Training sessions take place on Wednesdays and Sundays and can be booked online, where you will find a full list of dates and times. Sessions cost just £15 for 1 ½ hours and £30 for 3 hours. CWAGG members receive a 20% discount on these prices. In addition to our weekly training sessions, we regularly hold training days and sessions with visiting coaches. We also host competitions as well as compete all over the UK.

The club have a team of specifically trained horses, a static barrel, simulator and a wide variety of training equipment for condition work. We have three qualified coaches that regularly train with BEV chair and English Vaulting Squad coach, Julie Newell. This ensures the club’s currency and progression.

For your first vaulting session, you should wear comfortable clothes (leggings are ideal) and soft soled shoes (plimsoles or pumps). Hard hats may be worn by beginners or young children but are not compulsory for vaulting. After a trial session, all members are required to join British Equestrian Vaulting (BEV) which insures the individual for training and competing. Associate membership is only £14 per annum, which allows the individual to compete in walk classes.

For more information about vaulting, please contact us.

Cambridge Vaulting Club – Handbook