The College of West Anglia

Clipping services

We have qualified and experienced staff on site with the skills to help make your horse smart and comfortable through the winter months. We offer a professional service tailored to the horse owners needs with clipping equipment supplied.

Type of clip: Price per horse:
Bib clip £10.00
Apron clip £12.00
Strip clip £15.00
Strip clip (with top of forelegs removed) £17.00
Low Irish clip £15.00
Medium Irish clip £20.00
High Irish clip £25.00
Low Trace clip £15.00
Medium Trace clip £17.00
High Trace clip £25.00
Chaser clip £30.00
Blanket clip £30.00
Hunter clip £35.00
Full clip (legs left on) £45.00
Full clip (legs taken off) £55.00
Half face £5.00
Full face and ears £7.00
Legs £15.00
Hog mane £7.00
Feather trim £7.00

Please note: We will not trim whiskers unless requested. Traditionally; Bib, Apron, Strip, Irish, Low Trace and Medium Trace clips have the face left on. High Trace and Blanket clips have half the face taken off. High Irish, Chaser, Hunter and Full clips have the full face taken off.

All prices are subject to change depending on the condition of your horses coat and behaviour whilst clipping; clips that take longer than average to complete may incur an extra charge.

Clipping services can be booked by email or by calling us on 07776 248646 or 01223 860701 (option 1).