The College of West Anglia

Dressage simulator

The Racewood Dressage Simulator is designed to imitate a horse schooled up to Grand Prix level and is a state of the art piece of the equipment which we are very pleased to have at the college.

Within its structure, the simulator has integrated pressure pads and sensors around where the rider is positioned. Once calibrated the simulator sensors act as an invaluable diagnostic tool, telling a rider whether they are sat evenly. This is advantageous for all levels of rider.

The simulator can be a great way to introduce the new rider to a number of disciplines whether that is dressage, side saddle, or vaulting as the simulator is capable of carrying a variety of saddles and tack.

A lesson on a simulator can also be beneficial for those returning to riding following a break or injury as it allows you develop the correct technique and muscle tone before getting on a horse. Similarly, it can be fantastic for the nervous rider that is wishing to develop confidence in a particular pace or movement.

Lessons on the simulator cost £30-£40 for 30 minutes and may be booked by emailing us or by calling 01223 860701 (option 1) or 077762 48646. Additionally, following an induction session, the simulator may be hired by professionals wishing to give lessons or run clinics.