The College of West Anglia

Equine Therapy Centre (ETC)

Opened by Sharon Hunt in 2009, our Equine Therapy Centre houses an impressive range of equipment which can be used to benefit your horse’s performance in a multi-faceted way. We offer individual sessions, tailored programmes and livery packages. These are not only suitable for rehabilitation purposes but also for improving fitness, strength and condition in all horses and disciplines.

Our professional and experienced staff will discuss with you your horse’s individual requirements and suggest the most suitable therapies. This can also be done in liaison with veterinary surgeons and remedial therapists.

Our treatments and services include:

  • Aqua Treadmill – Controlled exercise with an adjustable intensity is useful for all aspects of training and rehabilitation for your horse recovering from any injury or just as part of their normal training regime. The Water Treadmill is able to be used to challenge horses in a different method to normal training with the additional benefits hydrotherapy brings. The novel environment also provides an alternative mental stimulus for the horse that might benefit from a change in work routine
  • Hydrotherapy Spa* – Cold water salt hydrotherapy is useful for many forms of lower leg inflammation. Spa therapy helps provide a natural analgesic (pain killer) and reduces swelling. Particularly useful for shin splints, tendonitis, arthritis, hoof injuries, bruising, open wounds and skin infections and prevention and revitalisation as part of a fitness programme
  • Solarium – The solarium can be useful for reducing pain and muscle spasm after injury. It promotes healing by stimulating circulation and helps improve muscle tone. The solarium can be used to reduce ‘warming up’ time before work and also recovery time after exercise by reducing lactic acid. Finally, it can be used to dry horses after washing, reducing the likelihood of chills, especially in winter
  • Magnatherapy rug and boots – The Activo-Med Combi Pro Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Massage Rug and boots provide a combination of pulsed electromagnetic therapy and massage therapy. This treats the whole horse from the top of the neck to the end of the tail, including the shoulders and stifle. This can be used as a warm up for exercise or for general vitalisation and relaxation
  • McKinnon Iceboots – Cold therapy can reduce pain and swelling, assisting with the return of a full range of movement to an injured joint
  • Weighbridge – The main advantage of using the weigh bridge is that it gives an accurate reading of your horse’s weight. This allows you to closely monitor your horse’s weight which is necessary when changing/ increasing your horses work load

*Please note, veterinary consent is required prior to your horse visiting

For more information, please email us or call 01223 860701 (option 1) or 07776 248646. Once you have checked availability and reserved your space, you must confirm and pay via our online store.