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Four Legs Laundry

Four Legs Laundry is our professional rug and pet bedding washing service in Cambridge, delivering a high quality and prompt service.

Horse Tack and Rug washing prices:
Item: Price per item:
Bandages (set of four) £3.00
Brushing boots (set of four) £4.00
Travel Boots (set of four) £10.00
Girths £3.00
Lycra hoods/anti rub bibs etc. £3.00
Fleece £7.00
Stable rug/under rug/ Thermatex £10.00
Stable rug/under rug/Thermatex (Combo/Neck) £12.00
Cooler/summer sheet £7.00
Cooler/summer sheet (Combo/Neck) £8.50
Fly rug £7.50
Fly rug (Combo/Neck) £8.50
Turnout rugs:
Turnout rug (Wash) £10.00
Turnout rug (Wash and Reproof) £15.50
Turnout rug Combo/Neck (Wash) £12.00
Turnout rug Combo/Neck (Wash and Reproof) £18.00

For pet bedding prices and to book in your items for washing, please visit our online store.

Laundry services must be paid for in advance. Please print your order confirmation and bring with the items. Items can be dropped off in reception.

Please note: we cannot accept any liability for damage caused to your item/s whilst they are in the washing machine.