The College of West Anglia

Hall of Fame

Matt Bowles

mattbowlesMatt took on the role as project coordinator in January 2015 having returned to the country from Peru where he had been completing higher study in Marine Biology. Matt had already experienced both summer and October 2014 as a Team Leader.

Matt successfully led recruitment for the February, Easter and Summer 15 waves whilst also Team and Wave leading, setting a strong example of how all three roles should be done. Matt embraced every role as project coordinator with enthusiasm and imagination… even though most people thought he was also part of One Direction.

A great colleague and champion of NCS, Matt is fondly remembered by many of his colleagues and participants from the NCS family.

Stuart Harrowing, Project Coordinator, December 12-September 14

stuStuart was appointed the first Project Coordinator for the National Citizen Service at the College of West Anglia, and had a pivotal contribution to its generation and success.

Stuart coordinated four outstanding courses to approximately 450 young people from a variety of communities across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

His favorite moments were seeing young people boosting their confidence, increasing their understanding of community, and overcoming their variety of fears.

David Griffiths, Wave Leader and Team Leader, June 13-August 14

dave“Thank you for induction into the NCS Hall of Fame, I owe a lot to NCS and have enjoyed the experience. Whilst I have been doing NCS I have experienced many things both good and bad, but as a whole it has been an amazing experience, both for me and the young people that I have had the pleasure of knowing.

“My favourite part of NCS is witnessing the change in the young people, seeing them from start to finish growing into young adults and achieving things they never thought they could.

“My experience on NCS has been extremely successful, I have high standards and the staff I have worked with and the young people that I have been around have learnt to carry this mentality on for themselves, but the main reason for my success is because of the help and support given by the project coordinator Stuart Harrowing.”