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A disability is something that can be physical or mental and affects day-to-day life. It can take many forms.

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Consent for water-related activities

During NCS, the participant may get to take part in 'water-related activities' which may include but are not limited to swimming, kayaking, canoeing and rafting. While this list is not exhaustive, please indicate below if you are happy for the participant to take part in such activities.

Disclaimer and medical statement

It is important for the welfare and safety of the participants that you declare all medical conditions and information. In most cases it will no prevent the individual from participating, but allows us to provide suitable support for their needs.

Please note:

  • Staff are not permitted to take responsibility for or to administer medicines. You are therefore responsible for ensuring any medicine is available and taken correctly
  • You understand that whilst taking part in activities, that participant will be under the care of NCS Trust staff and other suitably approved adults. Whilst we will take all reasonable care of participants, you acknowledge that in the absence of our negligence, participation in the programme is at your sole risk and that we shall not be liable for damage or injury arising from activities
  • In the unlikely event of an accident occurring, you provide your permission for a designated representative of the community trust to authorise emergency medical treatment, including the use of anaesthetic if deemed necessary

Travel and collection statement

Please note:

  • During the programme the participant will be responsible for getting to and from agreed venues, and will be allowed to leave without collection
  • For the residential venues or where transport facilities are provided as part of the project, the participant will be responsible for getting to and from the designated meeting location. Participants will not be allowed to leave other than from that location, but will be permitted to leave from that location without collection
  • During the activities, for example as part of the Social Action Project, the participant may be required to undertake travel unsupervised, either on foot or by public transport.

You give use permission to allow the participant to leave designated locations (other than the residential or supervised trips) without collection, and to undertake some travel unsupervised.


Emergency contact details

In case of emergency, who should we contact?



A maximum contribution of £50 may be required to cover the costs of NCS. Financial support to cover these costs may be available if required (for example if the participant is entitled to free school/college meals). Please contact your local NCS Coordinator for information.


Payment method

We request that contributions are made by following this link.

Acceptance Statement