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School’s done. It’s time for something different

“Studying at college was far less stressful than sixth form and a much friendlier environment to be in.”

Lexy wanted to do a biomedical science degree, and discovered A Levels are not the only way to get there.

General academic study doesn’t often help you decide what you want to do, and it can also be a bit of a hot house—high pressure and high anxiety.


Lexy Marchant was studying A-levels at Springwood Sixth Form, but like many, she didn’t respond to the environment. “There’s a lot of pressure with A Levels because it’s all about the exams at the end,” she admits, “I didn’t exactly enjoy that.”

She discovered that Level 3 Forensic Science combined with A-level maths at CWA would give her the subjects she needed and the all-important UCAS points.

She is currently studying for a BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science at the University of Lincoln.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without CWA,” she believes, “Studying at college was far less stressful than sixth form and a much friendlier environment to be in. They have great facilities and enabled me to study the additional modules I needed to get into university, something I couldn’t do at sixth form.”

Once Lexy has completed her degree she’s aiming for a career in transplantation science or epidemiology, the branch of medicine which deals with the incidence, distribution and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health.


Start working and studying with Apprenticeships

“I would definitely say that even starting at Apprenticeship level, you can achieve as much as you set your mind to.”

Chloe Ludkin joined long established, global flavour and fragrance firm, Treatt Plc on a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Lab Science, but ended up PA to the CEO!

“I loved the idea of gaining qualifications as well as experience within a growing workforce,” she explains. “I would definitely say that even starting at Apprenticeship level, you can achieve as much as you set your mind to.”


Even as a newcomer in a big company, Chloe was able to impress her employers with her determination and hard work.

“Chloe represents the company at customer taste panels and presentations, takes part in shareholder visits and shows a relentless desire to learn,” explains Group CEO Daemmon Reeve, who has since welcomed her to a new role as executive PA.

In 2017 Chloe was shortlisted for the Bury Free Press Apprentice of the Year award, for her outstanding performance and ambitious drive, and was recently entered for the National Apprentice of the Year award.


Degree study made possible - and a lot more affordable

“I chose UcWA because it’s an opportunity to get a degree without the added cost of moving away or disrupting jobs and other commitments.”

Student debt is the real hangover from three years at a distant university.

Samantha Broughton discovered that it is possible to get your degree without taking out a massive loan.


Sam really wants to teach, but it’s a long and potentially expensive route to a teaching qualification including getting a degree and then a PGCE.

The new BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies offered by UcWA meant that she could achieve the first part at a lower cost and with less upheaval than moving away from home.

“The college provided me with the relevant qualification to study the PCGE,” explains Sam, and the school placements gave her invaluable classroom experience. “The tutors were highly supportive and the course content was very relevant to initial teacher training,” she says, adding “I’d tell anyone thinking about studying at UcWA to go for it!”

Samantha successfully completed BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies at University Centre West Anglia (UcWA) gaining a first-class honours degree. She is now at the University of East Anglia working towards her PCGE and has secured a job at a local primary school starting September 2018.


Access makes returning to education less scary

“The facilities at CWA were fantastic and the structure of the course suited my style of learning.”

Sheriff Samusa studied on the Access programme to get back into education.

Returning to education after any length of time can be daunting—it’s a lot of work however you look at it and it requires skills you might not have used in a while.


The Access programme is designed to help you make that transition easily — getting back int the study habit as well as fitting it around your other commitments.

Sheriff chose the Access programme as a way to go on to a degree. He chose CWA specifically because he felt it is one of the leading Access course providers in East Anglia.

Sheriff successfully completed Access to Business at the College of West Anglia before gaining a first-class Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from the University of East London. “My future definitely started at CWA,” he declares.

“The content of the course was very relevant to what I wanted to study at university,” he found, but the support was more important. “The college staff were always available if I needed help, and my writing and communication skills greatly improved while at college which helps me in my current role at NGA Human Resources,” a human resources and payroll software company.


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