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Fee calculator


Most full-time further education students will have some course fees to pay to the college. The fee amount and any financial help available depends on individual circumstances and the course you are taking.

By completing the following questions our fees calculator will give you an indication of the fees you will need to pay for your course. Please bear in mind the accuracy of this information is reliant on the accuracy of the information you provide and is also subject to changes in legislation and is accurate at the time of completion.

In order to complete the fees calculator, you will need to note the level of the qualification you wish to study (i.e. entry level, level 1, level 2 or level 3). This information is available on the information page for the course you wish to study – you can use the course search facility if you do not have this information to hand.

Please note that the below information is regarding our full-time course listing. You can find our part-time course fees here.

If you need any help completing this calculator or would like to talk to an advisor, please do not hesitate to contact student services on 01553 815271.

Fees calculator

Resource fees

All courses charge a minimum of £20 in resource fees; however, some courses charge an additional amount, which all eligible students must pay. Please select the subject area for your course from the list below to find out if there is an additional resource fee applicable, and if so, the exact additional amount you will need to pay.

Many of our students are eligible to apply for the college’s Learner Support Fund, which can help pay for resource fees. For more information, and to apply, please visit the financial help area.

Additional resource fees

Please select your course subject area:

Additional resource fee cost:

*Additional resource fees are accurate to the time of publication and are subject to change.