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Travelling to college

It’s easy to get to and from college, as all four of our campuses are well-serviced by local bus services, with King’s Lynn campus also being a short walk from the train station. We also have limited car parking and bicycle shelters on each site.

Public transport

The college works in conjunction with local county councils and providers to operate various bus routes to and from each campus to cater for full time students. Complete our transport questionnaire below to find out which options are available for you to get to college and to start your transport application.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve completed the transport questionnaire, but am still unsure how to get to college - what can I do?

If you have completed the transport calculator and have looked at Traveline and Google Maps, please contact student services on 01553 815271.

I've been awarded financial support; do I need to pay for my travel pass?

If you have been awarded financial support and aged 16-18, we will be able to fund your bus pass if you apply to your local county council. During the travel pass application form, you should have the option to mention that college will fund your application.

This is currently not the case on Cambridgeshire County Council’s online application form. Once we’ve assessed your financial support application, we will include a paper application from them with your award letter.

I haven't received my bus pass yet, what should I do?

If you haven’t received your bus pass by the week before you start your course, we recommend that you contact your local county council and ask this question as the answer may differ from bus to bus. Normally, the bus companies are more lenient with bus passes during the first couple weeks and understand that you may not have received your pass yet.

I've been rejected for a travel pass by my county council, what do I do?

Complete our transport questionnaire above and click 'I don’t meet the council’s criteria!' to see your next options.

If you are still unsure please contact student services on 01553 815271.

Car parking

The college has limited parking on all four of our campuses. Parking is by permit only; these are available from student services from the start of each academic year. Parking permits are provided depending on how far you live from the campus:

King’s Lynn campus – students who live outside of a set radius of approximately 2.5miles away from the college are entitled to a parking permit to park on-site. Students who live less than 2.5miles from the college can have a parking permit for our Sports campus based at Alive Lynnsport.
Wisbech & Cambridge campuses – students who live further than a mile away from the campus are entitled to a parking permit.

Bicycle shelters

The college provides compounds for cyclists to secure their bikes at all four campuses. Students who live in Norfolk or Cambridgeshire may be entitled to a cycling allowance from the county council. For more information please click your county above.