The College of West Anglia

Are you a natural born leader? Do you thrive on challenges, teamwork and the unpredictable? The uniformed service industries require individuals with the right attitude and skills. If that is you, we'll get you off to a flying start. The college has an excellent reputation in providing significant numbers of recruits to the uniformed services. Great opportunities exist within the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, as well as the Fire Service, the Police and Prison Service. It's exciting, it's rewarding... is it you?

Success Stories

Oliver Needham

Uniformed and Emergency Services - Level 3

Oliver successfully completed the level 3 in Uniformed and Emergency Services in 2014 and currently works as a health care assistant at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Ely.

Oliver said: “My memories of college are very positive and I feel like I achieved so much during my time there, my proudest moments were becoming a student governor and winning the college community service award. There were so many opportunities available, and I was able to do so much, including taking part in police riot training, walking across the Peak District and kayaking on the Ardeché river. Studying at CWA helped improve my confidence and communication skills, which are very important in the job I am doing today. It has also helped me believe that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it.”


Amy Doy

Level 2 Diploma in Uniform Services and Level 3 Extended Diploma in Uniform Services

Amy Doy

She finished Phase 1 training for The British Army and she is now doing her trade training for The Royal Logistic Corps where she will learn the skills and knowledge for her trade role.

"While being at college I was able to gain more knowledge about all of the public services and have more of an insight of the core values and standards they set. I enjoyed the trips that the course had to offer, working with a variety of different services e.g. riot training and look at lives. Another thing I really enjoyed was the PT side to the course, the log run and cross country around Bawsey."


Jessica Whiffen

Uniformed and Emergency Services - Level 3

Jessica successfully completed the level 3 in Uniformed and Emergency Services in 2014 and is currently studying Foundation Degree (FdA) in Public Services at Anglia Ruskin University. She also works as an officer cadet at Cambridge University Officers Training Corps (CUOTC).

Jessica said: “I have many memories of my time at college, ranging from hill walking in the Peak District, riot training with the police and adventure training in Ardechè, France. I had the chance to take part in activities I had never done before including a two day descent down the Ardechè River and canoeing through rapids. My time at college was the best! I had an amazing time experiencing new things and meeting new people; the course helped me in my degree because I was given the foundation needed to progress on to a higher level of learning. By completing leadership tasks and leading my own PT sessions it gave me the confidence to talk in front of people and feel confident about doing it. I would recommend CWA to anyone considering a job in any uniformed or public service. You gain an insight into all the different services through looking at lives, external guests and the experience of college staff.”