The College of West Anglia

Why choose CWA for higher education?

Each campus has a dedicated area for higher education students, providing the opportunity to study and socialise in a comfortable relaxed  environment.

King’s Lynn

The King’s Lynn campus is home to a brand new university centre, a bespoke building for higher education which opened in September 2016. The university centre houses over 2000m² of bespoke accommodation including 14 digitally-enabled classrooms, a 120 seat multimedia lecture theatre, study facilities and a large social and refreshment area for higher education students.


The higher education student lounge at the Cambridge campus features a comfortable social space with soft seating, study tables, a dedicated computer room and kitchen facilities.

Find out more about our campuses here:
King's Lynn campus Cambridge campus

In partnership with Anglia Ruskin University

The College of West Anglia (CWA) offers higher education courses through our partnership with Anglia Ruskin University (ARU).

The compact nature of the college ensures that our students receive unprecedented support from tutors and have the opportunity to form firm friendships with other learners, something that is not always easy in a larger university. At the college, everybody counts and success is attainable.

Anglia Ruskin University currently provides education for around 32,000 students at various campuses around the world and is committed to developing courses to suit your needs, offering courses with the College of West Anglia that are not available anywhere else in the East of England.